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These are indeed interesting times as we undergo powerful transformation. All the rules are changing and old structures rapidly failing. Where do we find guidance and support when the “tried and true” is no longer true?

Shamanism is a practice used for over 50,000 years to access matter at the quantum level. By accessing and managing quantum level information, we can not only find safe passage through uncertainty, but heal into our true design and co-create the future we wish to live.

Welcome to the ever evolving Path Home, a leading edge information, education and healing resource center!

Based on sound principles employed by shaman worldwide, this ancient practice can support us through the current unprecedented transitions. We offer: online shamanic classes for personal growth and development; national and international long distance shamanic healing sessions performed by Path Home certified shamanic practitioners; and our new radio show library, The Science of Magic Topic Driven Episode Collections, where Gwilda Wiyaka explores multiple traditions and viewpoints as she interviews today’s leading experts in science and magic.  All the above is designed to inform, support and empower you through these times of change as we expand our reality and co-create a brave new world. 

Path Home Shamanic Arts Center is designed to bring into modern practice the powerful, tried and true shamanic skills employed by indigenous peoples for over 40,000 years.




Be part of the discussion. Come share thoughts with the leading experts in the fields of science and magic as we co-create new solutions and promote evolutionary thinking.

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Galactic Shamanism online classes for children and adults by Path Home founder and director Gwilda Wiyaka.

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