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Good people with honest services can be hard to find. Here are some of the finest we know!


GwildaGWILDA WIYAKA: Gwilda is a Certified Shamanic Practitioner, Instructor and the Founder/Director of Path Home Shamanic Arts School.  Her approach to healing is one of helping her clients reclaim and integrate their original design. This design is our birth right before we sustained the damage inherent in living in our current society. Gwilda’s focus is not only on healing but on educating and empowering the individual in order to aid them in their personal evolution. Gwilda is currently working on her book that embraces the art of evolution through the use of shamanic principals and healing modalities.

LogoMAP HOME - The Map Home is our guide through 2012 and beyond. It is comprised of leading edge information in the form of books, videos, interviews, healings, teachings, workshops, and experiential retreats. The Map Home is designed to help individuals engage in the evolution that is available to us all during these intensely transformative times. Through this evolutionary process you can access your health, longevity and personal power in order to live a life of abundance, joy and ease.


StarFaihreSTARFAIHRE: StarFaihre is a unique musical group performing ancient and original world/shamanic music. Gwilda Wiyaka & Cody Alexander compose and perform modern shamanic songs, creating sacred music for today.


Steve Judd, Professional Astrologer from the UK. Steve holds a Master of Arts Degree in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology at the Sophia Centre, Bath Spa University College has records of over 17,000 horoscopic readings. 


Great Western Homes: Building a Greener Future with Custom Modular Homes and Cabins

Great Western



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