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Meet Gwilda Wiyaka of Path Home

Hello! I am so glad you happened upon us.

Life has a way of taking us where we need to be.

I’m an ordinary person, probably much like yourself, trying to do the best I can in a world that seems to make little sense.

It has been an amazing path, sometimes very painful as I blundered my way through, born a Shaman in a society that has none. No one could tell me what I was seeing and feeling, of which everyone else seemed unaware. No one could help me find my way in the non-ordinary reality in which I lived.

Somewhere along the way, I decided that if I could help it, no one else would have to go through this process alone. From this intention, Path Home formed, creating a way for each to come in touch with their gifts and purpose.

So many of us carry esoteric talents – seemingly terrible gifts or hidden quirks, traits with no apparent purpose other than to set us apart from others, gifts best kept to ourselves and forgotten.

Now is the time that we came for. Now is the time to bring these gifts out, dust them off and join forces with those of us who came to make a difference.

I am not about making you like me. It’s my intention to help you uncover the unique beauty of what you already are and discover what you came to do.

As we all share in this process, our unique gifts unite to form a new way of being in the world, the old way, long forgotten.

Welcome aboard.

In friendship,

Gwilda Wiyaka
Path Home


Gwilda Wiyaka's Biography


Gwilda Wiyaka is considered today's foremost expert on the modern day application of ancient shamanic principles. She is the founder and director of Path Home Shamanic Arts School, for which she has written the texts and entire curriculum and director of Path Home Shamanic Arts Center. Gwilda is a preceptor for the University of Colorado School of Medicine, where she provides instruction to medical doctors on the modern interface between shamanism and allopathic medicine.

She has studied shamanism for over forty years, been a practitioner for over thirty years, and a teacher of the shamanic arts since 1996. Gwilda has recently released her latest book:  “The Science of Magic Book of Mysteries Vol. 1.” Her book, “So, We're Still Here. Now What? Spiritual Evolution and Personal Empowerment in a New Era,” was First Runner Up in the COVR Visionary Awards: Alternative Science Division.

Born in the United States, Gwilda grew up overseas, becoming familiar with many cultures. She attended grade school in Saudi Arabia, obtaining most of her higher education in Switzerland and later became a Certified Massage Therapist in the United States at the Boulder College of Massage Therapy.

Living in different societies around the world, coupled with her curiosity and fascination with the workings of life, prompted her immersion into shamanism. Gwilda has studied with American Indian healers from the Seneca, Lakota, Navajo, Arapaho, and Choctaw traditions, and received training in Tibetan, Core, and Celtic Shamanism.

Early in her private shamanic practice, she began interfacing with psychotherapists, psychiatrists, chiropractors, and medical doctors, from whom she still receives many of her referrals. Her medical intuitive skills have been corroborated by MRIs and CT scans, validating consistent accuracy.

While shamanism is an ancient, nature-based healing practice, Gwilda has demonstrated its modern day effectiveness, establishing it as a healing modality promoting the personal power and spiritual evolution of the individual. Her shamanic and counseling skills blend with her knowledge of the human body to create a shamanic healing method that is not only unique, but extremely effective.

The main focus of Gwilda's private practice is to reconnect her clients with their natural expression and personal power through the use of shamanic healing techniques, and classes designed to empower the individual through the modern use of shamanic principles. She offers long-distance shamanic healing sessions with national and international clientele via telephone and Internet.

Gwilda created the Path Home Shamanic Arts School's curriculum, and has been published in the Whole Health Institute's professional journal and the Healing Path Magazine. She has written numerous articles and workbooks, such as “In Touch With Spirit: The Shamanic Journey,” and “Sanctuary: The Shamanic Art of Sacred Space, Workbook 2, Vol. 2.” She has created numerous instructional videos and musical CD's to help her students deepen their study and understanding of shamanism.

Gwilda is the host of MISSION: EVOLUTION Radio Show, broadcast internationally through The “X” Zone Broadcasting Network,  Her past episodes can be found on

Gwilda now dedicates her life to sharing the latest scientific and spiritual information in order to bring unity and enlightenment to an evolving world. An experienced spiritual teacher, inspirational speaker and singer/songwriter, she conducts workshops and seminars internationally.