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Gwilda WIyakaHello! I am so glad you happened upon us.

Life has a way of taking us to where we need to be.

I am an ordinary person probably much like yourself, trying to do the best I can in a world that seems to make little sense.

It has been an amazing path, sometimes very painful as I blundered my way through, a born Shaman in a society that has none. No one to tell me what it was I was seeing and feeling that everyone seemed unaware of. No one to help me find my way in the non-ordinary reality in which I lived. Well-meaning people whose best advice was, "Oh honey, it's just your imagination."

I swore, somewhere along the way, that if I could help it, no one else would have to go through this process alone. From this intention, Path Home formed around me, creating a way for each to come in touch with their own true nature.

So many of us carry gifts, seeming terrible gifts or hidden quirks, traits with no apparent purpose other than to set us apart from others, gifts best kept to ourselves and forgotten.

Now is the time that we came for. Now is the time to bring them out, dust them off and join the forces with those of us who came to make a difference.

I am not about making you like me. It is my intention to help you find you and what you came to do. Together, our unique gifts unite us to form the new way of being in the world, the old way, long forgotten.

Welcome aboard.

In friendship,

Gwilda Wiyaka
Path Home


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