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Path to Personal Power

Vital information for the evolving human being

A subscription-based information center containing Gwilda Wiyaka's latest writings and updates on the energetic currents affecting our evolution into conscious powerful co-creators.

There are some of us that have always known something big was going to happen in our lifetimes and that we came to make a difference.

We have always had a sense that the current system was unnatural and damaging. That a better way of living was expressed in Nature itself.

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Now is a time when we are waking up to our purpose. We are being drawn together with those we came to work with and finding our places as co-creators in the circle of life.

As the Earth leaves the “Long Dark” and enters the photon band much is being revealed within and without of our selves. This has us going through deep process in mass as well as individuals.

Sometimes we can feel isolated in our process and lose perspective. These updates are designed to keep you abreast of what is moving through us during these transformative times. How to turn these powerful currents into tools of healing and evolution rather than suffering and denial for ourselves and others.

Imagine what it would be like to be the only woman on the planet and to have to go through her first pregnancy, labor and delivery alone and uninformed. She would view the birth of her child as suffering and death as she would have no other framework.

So it is with us. It has been so long since we last reentered the photon band there is no memory or practical information to go on. We have only myths, prophecies and legends to guide us.

Gwilda WiyakaIt is my honor and great privilege to be able to share with you the insights into our process that are so generously given me as I move through it myself.

I have found that our greatest gift to the world is staying in our own process. I am grateful that during my personal process, I am being given information that may assist others. After our process, we will stand as an example of what we all can do and be.

Come join me and my Email Family, on this glorious walk into empowerment, enlightenment and evolution.

We are here, the time is now.

In friendship,
Gwilda Wiyaka

© 2005 Gwilda Wiyaka



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