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Path to Personal Power
Archived writings by Gwilda Wiyaka


It is often important to see where we have been in order to get a feel for where we are going. We are also forming a bridge from the old into the new as each of us is activated in our turn. Our service is where we find ourselves. Unlike the old way, there is no front or back, just our personal spot on the bridge at any given time.

Blessings on your path,
Gwilda Wiyaka

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Wars and Rumors of Wars
The Two Headed Serpent

A Release from Bondage

Brain Dead
Prisms of Light, Prisms of Dark

From Gwilda's new book in process:
Care and Feeding of the Light Worker
Saules Meita (May)
The Light Worker and the Shaman (April)
Look Again (March)

All That Glitters (April/May)

Fair Exchange (February)
Demolition (April)

What Do You Want for Christmas? (December)
Something Old, Something New (November)
Different Worlds (October)
Fear (September)
It's Not Working Any More (August)
Pattern Dancing (July)
What is Real? (June)
Long Forgotten & Yet to be Discovered (April)
Wake Up and Smell the Coffee (March)
No One is Perfect (February)
Changing Form (January)

Starving Alone in the Dark (December)
The Fomorians (November)
Whew! We Survived Another One (October)
What We Are Not (September)
Three Wishes (August)
Letting Go (July)
Shamanism and the Evolution of Consciousness (May)
When the Old Rules Don't Apply (April)
Spring Cleaning (March)
What Have We Wrought? (February)
She is Not Pleased (January)




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