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Gwilda Wiyaka has been studying shamanism for more than 30 years. She has had a private practice where she specializes in shamanic healing for 20 years and has taught classes in shamanism for 15 years. She currently is the founder, owner and head instructor for Path Home Shamanic Arts School, a Colorado state certified trade school that trains and certifies shamanic practitioners.

Gwilda's approach to healing is one of helping her clients reclaim and integrate their original design. This design is our birth right before we sustained the damage inherent in living in our current society.

Her focus is not only on healing but on educating and empowering the individual in order to aid them in their personal evolution. It is for this reason that Gwilda is on the leading edge of modern shamanism as well as being well versed in the ancient shamanic practice of many cultures.

What you can expect from entering into a healing program with Gwilda through a series of private sessions is not only healing the spiritual (energetic) portion of your current situation but gaining insight and understanding in how life really works, your part in creating your experience as well as how to become a co-creator and change your world to your liking.

Gwilda offers private sessions long distance by phone anywhere in the world. The other facets of her work, singer/song writer, author and teacher, demand much of her time so appointment times may be limited.

For an appointment with Gwilda call: (303) 775-3431.
For information on long distance appointments with Gwilda, see
For information on private session pricing, please see our Pricing page.


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