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Path Home Shamanic Arts School is dedicated to bringing the traditional practices of shamanism into the modern world. We are devoted to all walks of life and draw upon shamanic principles found around the globe. Here at the Path Home School we understand that people and communities are in need of healing and guidance not currently available in our culture. Through our three shamanic arts certification programs we are sending well equipped shaman into the world to help individuals heal and communities unite.

Path Home Shamanic Practitioner Certification Program

At Path Home we realize that there is reason shamans were also referred to as medicine men and women, or "witch doctors" in many cultures. Successfully treating spiritual illness can be easily as complicated as a medical doctor treating physical illnesses. A weekend workshop does not a doctor or a shaman make.

Path Home Shamanic Practitioner Certification Program is a 291 hour program designed to prepare its students to enter the world as competent, well trained practitioners fully capable of treating modern day spiritual illnesses such as power loss, soul loss, essence exchange, and negative inundations.

Students will also be well versed in divination, long distance shamanic work, the breaking of spells, curses and enchantments, pattern tracing, and spiritual coaching.

We also understand that a canned program would not provide the number one ingredient necessary to becoming an effective practitioner, the uncovering, refinement and utilization of your personal gifts. To this end, our teaching style varies and evolves as you do.

Your personal process and spiritual healing are also paramount on this journey. By the end of the program you will be amazed by what is and is not possible in your life.

You will learn to access, heal and clear your personal power to enable you to wield spiritual power to effect change on the physical plane, in short, to manifest.

A person has every reason to expect to be well supported by this most needed practice. Yet, if they have no interest in personal growth or change but are just looking for a profession, they would be wise to look elsewhere. If, however, you are ready for unleashing your true potential and entering the magical world of endless possibility, welcome aboard! We are waiting for you. The world is in much need of your service.

Path Home Drum Circle Stewardship Certification Program

The Drum Circle Stewardship Certification Program is a 1 year program designed to prepare its students in the art of stewarding a group of people in a drumming circle. Drumming circles can be much more than a set of individuals getting together to beat on their drums. They provide powerful opportunity for learning, bonding, and change through connection with Spirit.

A drumming circle is only as good as its steward. In this program, students will learn not only how to hold space for learning and healing in the circle, but also how to direct its power to best serve all concerned. This certification program involves learning the nuts and bolts of drum circle stewardship as well as working through your personal process. Individual healing sessions will help the student move out of ego and damage, so that they can be a vessel through which Spirit moves. If you are interested in being on stage and “in charge” this is not likely the program for you. If you are drawn to offer a valuable service to the community and steward the gifts of those that compose the circle, you are well suited for this work.

During the 1 year program, students will construct their own drum and rattle and learn how to work with these tools. The students will also learn how to access Spirit to gather instructions and guidance in relation to their personal lives and the circles they choose to steward. We will cover how to create sacred space, conduct ceremony, and foster a true connection with Spirit.

Graduates of this certification program will be able to provide leadership of drum circles and apply the principles of drum circle stewardship to an already existing practice or occupation.

Path Home Keepers of the Circle Certification Program

What is a "Keeper of the Circle?" An individual trained in the delicate craft of holding space for a community of people moving along their spiritual path. To be more specific, a certified Keeper of the Circle will be able to foster gatherings of people already trained in the practice of shamanic journeying.

The Keepers of the Circle Certification Program is a 1 year program that starts with learning how to enter the shamanic journey trance and obtain spiritual guidance. The student then moves into building and honing ceremonial tools such as a drum and rattle. In this program, you will also learn how to create sacred space, conduct ceremony and work with the principles of manifestation. Private healing sessions are required with a certified or intern shamanic practitioner over the course of study.

The specialized skill of leading a shamanic journey circle culminates in moving into your own gifts and learning how to bring those gifts into conscious relationship with the circle. When you get out of your own way, Spirit brings through powerful lessons for an entire group, especially the circle keeper. Expect to learn as much as you have to give to the circle.

The graduate should be able to provide basic shamanic principles to a community of people and apply the skills learned in Keepers of the Circle to an already existing practice or occupation.

This is a potent line of work unrecognized in modern society. There are many people out there trained in shamanic journeying with little idea of where to go with their personal practice. Offering them a safe, sacred place to share their experience with others is healing in itself.

If you are drawn along a path offered by the Path Home Shamanic Arts School we thank you in advance for your service.

Path Home Teachers Certification Program

This one-year (145 hr.) Teacher Certification Program is designed for graduates of the Path Home Shamanic Practitioner Certification Program. However, it can be started by Shamanic Practitioner Certification Program students in their second year. This program was developed to train students to effectively, shamanically teach the four foundational Path Home workshops: Lower World Journey, Upper World Journey, Power Animals & Helping Spirits and Sacred Space.

Upon successful completion of this program, students will become Path Home certified shamanic instructors of the four basics. This will qualify them to either teach for the school or to organize Path Home classes on their own.  A portion of the revenue of these classes will go to Path Home, enabling the classes to be certified by the State of Colorado Division of Occupational Schools and advertized on the Path Home website. 

The Path Home Shamanic Arts Certification Programs are set up in such a way as to accommodate the working student as well as those commuting from a distance.




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