Shamanism and soul retrieval have been around for better than 40,000 years. Both have been practiced by healers of most every indigenous culture on the planet. These ancient peoples understood what our modern culture has forgotten. There is more to healing and health than just the physical. There are, in fact, four levels of our being that must be addressed in order for us to enjoy balanced and healthy lives.

Our modern medical practices focus on the physical, our culture is obsessed with the mental, and psychotherapy addresses the emotional, but the fourth of these aspects, the spiritual, is mostly ignored if not invalidated all together.

We are not discussing religion here. Shamanism has been practiced by the cultures of most of the religions of the world.

When people are exposed to trauma or extreme stress, parts of them may leave. A clear example of this is war veterans and "post traumatic shock syndrome". Any time you hear "he has not been the same since..." you are probably hearing about someone who has suffered soul loss. There are innumerable things that can cause soul loss, the death of a loved one, an accident, physical, emotional or sexual abuse, and abandonment to name just a few.

The symptoms are as varied as the causes. Some symptoms of soul loss are: depression, feeling spaced out, having recurring abusive patterns show up in our relationships, not remembering parts of our past, disconnected from our feelings, not feeling present in our bodies, ill health, poor boundaries, feeling depleted, alienated and so on.

If you have any of these symptoms and have addressed them with traditional medical and emotional therapies, if you have changed your diet and take supplements and herbs yet you still feel you are not really well, you may be suffering from soul loss.

A shaman is a person who deals with spiritual illness. A trained shaman can perform a soul retrieval and actually bring back lost parts of a person's soul. This is a gentle, noninvasive technique that can be profound and life changing.

In our day of medical miracles, it is a shame that so many of us suffer needlessly for lack of the most ancient of healing modalities. Fortunately for us all, this ancient form is being rediscovered and competent trained practitioners are becoming increasingly available.

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