State CertificationPath Home Shamanic Arts School is a Colorado State certified occupational school. This means that Path Home has gone through a rigorous certification program that insures its founder, director and instructors have the qualifications to teach the shamanic arts.  In addition, the student’s interests are guarded from bonded tuition to certified curriculum and refund policies.  The catalogs and all four certification programs are approved and on file with the state of Colorado, this insures consistency and quality of the classes.

Why did we go through all the expense, paper work, scrutiny and time to obtain certification from the State of Colorado for Path Home? 

  • In order to teach anything in the State of Colorado that can be used in an existing job or as a job, certification by the state is legally required.
  • Integrity: More importantly to us, however, has to do with integrity.  The Shamanic Arts are a viable powerful healing modality that requires extensive training as well as personal growth and development to wield responsibly.   Spiritual healing is, in its own way, as complex as physical healing.  For this reason, we feel it is irresponsible in the extreme to perform spiritual healings after having learned a few techniques at workshops.  
  • While the physical and emotional/mental healing arts are regulated as of yet, the spiritual ones are not.  For this reason, Path Home has chosen to hold itself to the exacting standards we feel the field not only warrants but deserves.
  • Path Home Shamanic Arts school trains and certifies “Shamanic Practitioners” not “Shaman”.  We feel that the indigenous shaman from all cultures are in a class all their own and do not profess to offer in two years what takes life times and generations to achieve. 
  • Our programs are designed to produce competent well trained Shamanic Practitioners of integrity to take on the spiritual illnesses of our culture today.  It is for this reason we feel that our program needs to stand up to the quality and exacting standards of today’s educational systems.

Path Home’s listing with The Division of Private Occupational Schools (DPOS):

DPOS Mission Statement

The Division of Private Occupational Schools (DPOS) is an agency within the Department of Higher Education. The mission of the Division is to implement the directives of the General assembly, to provide standards for and to foster and improve private occupational schools and their educational services, and to protect the citizens of this state against fraudulent or substandard private occupational schools.


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