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Path Home is about personal empowerment and freedom. It is our belief that if each individual can become conscious of the use of their personal power, access their true nature and deepest desire, resource their own spiritual connection then follow their promptings, that joy, peace and abundance will be the result.

It is the mission of Path Home to help individuals find their path to personal power and their rightful place in the circle of life. From this place we are victims no more but powerful co-creators that manifest what we want in our lives without damaging ourselves, each other or our planet.

Path Home Foundations

Path Home was established by Gwilda Wiyaka as a resource for those people interested in spiritual healing and evolving into their true design. It was her intent to assist people in uncovering who they were and what they came to do.

As Gwilda's background and training was rooted in the shamanic way, she approached spiritual healing from a shamanic perspective with amazing results. She is available for private sessions long distance by phone.

It became obvious that shamanic healing was necessary to reunite individuals with their gifts and purpose, yet, working alone, one on one, she was unable to see all the people who wanted and needed shamanic healing.

It had been Gwilda's experience that potential shamanic practitioners had few resources for reliable training. Based upon the great variety of her own hard won training and her extensive personal experience as a practicing shamanic healer, she developed Path Home Shamanic Arts School.

She then went about the seemingly impossible task of getting her school certified by the state of Colorado. Path Home Shamanic Arts School is now a certified trade school and its graduates are certified shamanic practitioners.

The school needed texts and learning aids. Gwilda has written her own workbooks to accompany the classes. She cut drumming CDs for journeying and a music CD to honor the oral tradition and at the same time teach shamanic songs to her students. Out of this, Path Home Media and Publishing was born.

As a result of her in depth work with people on a daily basis and her uncanny knowledge of the way life works, Gwilda began to write on the currents running through our lives in mass as we undergo the evolutionary changes of our time. She found people benefited greatly and felt much less isolated when they could better understand the landscape of these changes as they impact their lives. In order to make these writings available in a timely manner, she created a new webpage and email family, Path to Personal Power.

Gwilda is also aware that the current system in place in our world is not sustainable.  She wanted to do her part to bring about a gentler kinder way of living with all our relations and on the planet.  She created a resource center for like-minded people to find each other and participate in bringing about viable alternatives to the status quo.  Path Home Conscious Living Center warrants watching as it continues to unfold. To participate and have your sustainable services listed on the website contact us:  

Path Home offers ongoing workshops, and the Shamanic Practitioner Certification Program.

If you have interest in finding out more about the trainings and services we offer, please feel free to contact us: (303) 775-3431 or


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